We have successfully undertaken our first cryoablation treatments for patients in Birmingham.  This will give our patients more choice in their treatments for certain rhythm problems.  Cryoablation uses freezing technology rather than the heat produced by radiofrequency ablation to modify the tissue causing the abnormal rhythm within the heart.  In our opinion cryoablation has a » Read More

Red Heart

This is a general term that describes some of the procedures that we perform. Ablation is the process that modifies small parts of the heart muscle that are responsible for the abnormal heart rhythms or palpitations. Usually this is done by heating the area using radiofrequency at the end of a catheter that is placed in contact with the heart muscle. » Read More

A local meeting organised by our group was hailed a success by attendees.  The meeting covered topics such as new strategies in the management of atrial fibrillation, device therapy, mechanical assist devices for the heart, MRI imaging of the heart and inherited conditions leading to sudden death.  The educational day was attended by cardiology specialists, » Read More

Welcome!  We have just launched our new website for Birmingham Heart Rhythm Group.  We are a group of dedicated heart specialists that are interested in treating heart rhythm disorders.  Please feel free to browse the website and post any comments or suggestions.

An electrophysiological study is an invasive procedure that is undertaken to determine the cause of the abnormal heart rhythms. The procedure is performed with sedation, local anaesthetic and intravenous painkillers. » Read More